Exercising Using Treadmills

September 20th, 20124:43 pm @

Most people know what treadmills are and can be considered as having used them once in a while for the purposes of exercising. Yet, is there any importance to doing your exercises using treadmills instead of using the traditional jogging? Here are some reasons as to why treadmills are often more preferable than jogging:

  • Treadmills help you exercise at the comfort of your house

Treadmills are preferable because you don’t have to go outside and run. You are able to do it with the limited time you have inside your house. What more, it saves you the dangers of the harsh environment outside. Further, you can exercise even when the weather is harsh like when it is raining or it is extremely cold on the outside.

  • Treadmills take workout records

Most of the times, outside jogging will have no records kept. Many at times you are left to estimate the distance you have run alongside the amount of calories you think you have burned. This is different with treadmills. Technology has ingrained LCD screens into treadmills such that you are able to tell your heart rate at any particular point, you are able to accurately point your running distance, calories burned, progress and many other things. What more, all these can be saved for reference and examination by a physician!

  • Treadmills are more consistent and can be regulated

When jogging outside, there is no way you are ever going to regulate your speed, your energy usage. This is because the outside terrain is inconsistent with hills and valleys. Sometimes you will be forced to run fast along a slope while at other times you will trot as you climb up a hill. This is unlike the treadmill which offers you one flat consistent surface where you perform your running.

If you have not bought your treadmills, from an expert point of view, I must admit that you are losing a lot and you need to do haste to get yourself your choice of a treadmill.