How Can Teenagers Cope with Acne?

September 19th, 20124:43 pm @

According to current research, one of the main reasons for teenage suicide globally is low self esteem. This low self esteem is often brought about due to factors affecting the body such as acne and weight. Acne is a condition of the body where the skin develops swellings full of oily substances.

Acne is often common among the teenagers and is often a dreaded condition by teenagers. The reason why teenagers often take their lives due to acne is because they are not educated on how to cope with the acne condition. What do you need to tell them?

The first thing you need to do is to reassure the teenager suffering from Acne. You need to tell them that acne is not a permanent condition and that someday, he will be free off acne. You need to encourage the teens to have a healthy lifestyle full of exercising so as to burn down the body fats.

Another advice you should give to teenagers under acne attack is that they should eat healthy meals with lots of fruits and vegetables. Acne swellings should not be pressed as this may worsen the situation for your teenager. Pressing the swellings may make gems enter through the ruptured pores and cause the acne to dry leaving black spots all over the place.

When a teenager is taught well about his condition, he will be able to stand against the ridicule of his friends. He will know how to handle his acne condition and more importantly, he will be able to know the natural treatments for his acne. In this manner, the teenager will be able to go through his teenage ears with lots more ease.