Effects of Stress on the body

September 18th, 20124:43 pm @

Stress is a condition that interferes with the normal functioning of the body system. Most of the time, stress is caused by factors that we feel are beyond our control. One of the major sources of stress is worrying. Humans keep on worrying about the uncertainties of the things they do not know. How much does stress affect you? Here are some effects of stress on your body:

  • Interferes with the body functioning

If you want to prove that stress interferes with the functioning of your body organs, you will realize that you lose appetite most of the time that you are stressed. Stress has different impacts on the bodies of different people. Some will have running stomachs when they are stressed while others will have painful lungs.

  • Weakens the body’s immune system

Research has proved that chances of falling sick while stressed are more than when not under any form of stress. Stress has been linked to serious ailments such as high blood pressure, ulcers among others. Some find it difficult to breathe while stressed while some experience severe headaches when under stress.

  • Interferes with the psychological functioning of the brain

There are instances at which those who were stressed have often committed suicide. This happens in cases where stress leads to depression where it eventually interferes with the psychological reasoning of an individual. Many people can become harsh, highly tempered and very irrational while under stress.

Stress has made man do many terrible acts including rape and murder and the only way through it is to ensure that your stress is below manageable levels. One way you are ever going to achieve this is through healthy living.