Importance of Onions to the Body

September 14th, 20124:41 pm @

Importance of Onions to the Body

There are those who hate onions and rarely eat onion laced meals. Did you know that you are missing out a great health benefit to your body when you refuse to eat onion? Onions are extremely important to the body for various reasons and in helping the body in different ways. Here are some of the importance of onions to the body:

  • Onions lower cholesterol levels

Do you want to lose weight? Then consider daily intake of onions! not that onions alone can give you your desired weight but their intake will go along way in assisting in the burning of internal body cholesterol.

  • Onions help in the production of disease fighting cells

Those who eat onions on daily basis are more likely to fight common infections such as the common cold. This is because onions assist in the production of disease fighting cells that will boost your body immunity.

  • Onions Help in the reduction of cancer rates

Those who eat onions are less likely to suffer from several types of cancers that those who don’t. This is because onions contain several compounds that help in preventing blood cells deformities and ensure that the body is able to cleanse itself off harmful wastes that may cause diseases. Onion compounds are also able to eliminate cancerous cells from the body effectively.

  • Onions Help in Fighting blood clots

This is another reason why onions should be part of your diet. They help in eliminating blood clots and may prevent stroke and high blood pressure related complications.

Onions are indeed important and health experts often advice people to eat raw onions over cooked onions for maximum health benefits.