The Effects Of Eating Too Many Eggs

September 13th, 20124:41 pm @

The Effects Of Eating Too Many Eggs

One of the most raging debates in the health cycles is the effects of eggs on health. Eggs have been known in the history of mankind as one of the most nutritious and healthy foods available. However, over the past few years, studies have been conducted to find out whether eating too much eggs was harmful to the body.

Many theories have often been forwarded about eggs. Some have suggested that only three eggs should be eaten a week and eating more than this may lead to diseases such as high blood pressure and stroke. Many more have claimed that pregnant ladies should not use eggs as it will make the baby too big to be born using the natural means of giving birth. Are all these really true?

According to research carried out on men who eat more than seven eggs a week, there were mixed findings that still sent the entire health hazard into a disarray.  However, there was a common agreement that those who have obesity and still eat eggs are more likely to die from heart related diseases and stroke than the healthy humans.

Even as further studies are still being done to find out whether eating too many eggs is dangerous for a healthy human being, it is advisable to eat at most six eggs in a week. Such a consumption has been proven beyond doubt to have more good than bad and is not associated with any heart diseases. Eggs have been on the contrary known to be the source of the good cholesterol that helps in the development of the body.