My Recovery and Post Workout Food Choices

August 28th, 20127:21 pm @

My Recovery and Post Workout Food Choices


I just got back from a back and bi’s workout. When I get back from a workout I can’t eat a full meal. So I make this my meal. I use a whey protein right after a workout because it’s quick digesting. There are also Soy and casein proteins which I don’t recommended right after workout and I also use a protein that low in sugar and high in amino acids to develop everything that I just broke down. It also doesn’t need to be a complicated process. Some protein shakes don’t mix very well with a spoon or anything like that a shaker bottle is better at times, or a blender best.

I also have a fast acting carbohydrate I use as well. I use a Banana after my work out because it’s high on the glycemic index. Why pick something high on the glycemic index? Because it spikes insulin and allows glucose into your muscles and help you build back up everything you broke down.  Apples doesn’t really word as well because they are low on the glycemic index. Eat them throughout the day if you’d like but after a workout the point is to get sugar to the muscle as quickly as possible. One thing you do want to avoid after a workout is fat. A lot of people want to mix peanut butter with their protein shakes. This slows the absorption of nutrients.  This is critical because your body is reeling for nutrients and you really have about a half hour window after working out to get the body replenished.

This is my perfect meal after a workout. A protein shake and a banana. This could be costly but it will last you a long time. This is a great way to lose weight and make those right choices after a hard workout.