Exercise for Slackers

August 25th, 20126:03 pm @

Exercise for Slackers

I’ll be honest. I don’t like to exercise. It’s not that I’m against getting in shape. I’m just not really into it. As an ex-smoker, I have reduced lung capacity. My knees are shot. I don’t like the smell of gymnasiums. And this is just a small excerpt of my laundry list of excuses.

If this sounds familiar, hear me out.

Study upon study has found that the average human being requires 30 minutes of exercise, roughly five days each week. We’ve all heard this before. A news report, a friend with heart problems, a New Year’s resolution, these thought rattle around in our heads, until we’re guilting ourselves into the local health club.

Then something comes up. Our busy lives erupt again, and we lose sight of our fitness goals.

Don’t fret. There are other ways to get those 30 minutes a day.

So you don’t like stationary bikes either, climb on a real bike. If you get odd looks from the people on the Stairmaster, walk around the block.

Personally, I love to dance. I’m a terrible dancer, but if I grab my fiancée, pull the drapes, and put on some catchy tunes, working out can actually be fun (I personally recommend 80’s New Wave and old Jamaican Ska).

Swimming, stretching, mowing the lawn, sex, hiking in the park, these are all great ways to keep in shape.

One word of warning, though, take it easy at first. After being sedentary for too long, I hiked around too long. You’ll build up a tolerance more rapidly than you’d think.

Find something fun and you won’t even notice that you’re getting exercise.