Eating Organic or Eating Healthy

August 24th, 20126:07 pm @

Eating Organic or Eating Healthy

Over the past decade, a debate rages about the benefits of Natural and Organic foods relating to concerns about Genetically Modified food. Do GMOs contribute to monoculture or cure world hunger? Are Organic foods healthier or just another health fad?

When it comes to general nutrition, these are far from the most important concerns.

Of course, many of these issues are justified. Currently there are no studies to measure the long-term effects of eating GMOs. While some studies exist regarding the benefits of Organic farming, the larger issue isn’t how our food is grown, but which foods we eat.

Even a well-nurtured pesticide-free bag of cheese puffs is still a bag of cheese puffs.

Studies show that most Americans have problems maintaining a balanced diet. Whether due to our fast-paced lives or our pervasive junk food culture, increasing food consciousness is extremely important.

Avoiding trans-fats, foods high in sugar and loaded with preservatives are ways to balance your diet. Also, consuming more foods with Omega-3 fatty acids, balanced proteins, more Probiotics, and those foods rich in anti-oxidants help balance nutrition.

And like our parents used to say, vegetables are good for us. Leafy greens contain necessary vitamins such as B12, E, D, A, and C. They also contain essential minerals like iron and calcium. Additionally, their watery content fills our stomachs, which aids in weight loss.


No matter what, if feels good, eat Organic. Psychological health is an important aspect of general well-being.