Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

August 21st, 20126:04 pm @

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

As much as there are healthy foods for you as a pregnant woman, there are also those foods that pose real risk and danger to you and your unborn child during the pregnancy period. Such foods may cause premature birth, deformities of the baby, Cesarian birth and miscarriages among many other complications. As a woman, whether you are pregnant or not, you should know these foods so as to help you and your loved ones from harm. Here are the foods that a pregnant woman should avoid:

  • Sea Foods

These are not normal fish but rather foods such as the shark, the king mackerel and the Swordfish that live in the seas. The reason as to why an expectant woman should avoid such foods is because of the levels of mercury that they contain. Mercury, is highly dangerous to a pregnant mother and her unborn child.

  • Fast Foods

Most fast foods contain too much fats and are dangerous to the woman because they may cause abnormal growth of the infant leading to Cesarian birth. Therefore, during the period of pregnancy, a woman should avoid fast foods as much as possible.

  • Caffeine Beverages

Beverages that contain caffeine within their composition should be avoided as much as possible because caffeine often affects the growth of the baby. Drinks such as coffee and colas may lead to deformities at birth and the best is for the expectant woman to do away with them from her diet.

  • High Sugar Content Foods

Foods that are high in sugar content may be sweet but harmful to the baby growing in the woman’s womb. High sugar contents may also hinder proper growth of the baby’s brains and may lead to deformities at birth. They are thus best avoided by a pregnant woman.


There are many other foods that a pregnant woman need to avoid. There are also consequences of not avoiding such foods. Remember that as a woman, your health and that of your unborn child should always take precedence on the decisions that you make in regard to your daily diet.