The War On Fat

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The War On Fat


The War On Fat

Much focus has been given to cutting fat from the American diet over the past 20 years. The theory behind it sounds simple and thus was easy to digest. I think that’s why it was so readily accepted.

Tell me if you’ve heard this story before

Gaining or losing weight comes down to the number of calories you take in each day versus the number burned. The excess or deficiency at the end of the day determines your weight loss/gain.

The second part of this simplistic theory goes that due to fat being more calorie dense than carbohydrates or protein then the easiest way to lose weight was to cut out the most dense calorie group, fats!

So now that we’ve got a little history out of the way, lets get to reality. If you’ve tried this diet you know that restricting fats leave you hungry. We are not humming birds, we shouldn’t run around all day buzzing on sugar. On the flip side we are not lions. We cant live on meat alone. So like most things in life balance is key. The structure of our teeth have even adapted to our balanced eating habits. Without the stronger jaws of most of our primate cousins we lack the strength to break down heavy cellulose intense vegitation, yet we lack sharp incisors commonly found in your household dog or cat used to tear meat. We have a blend of both molars for crushing and moderate incisors for tearing again lending to a moderate omnivourous diet.


So what does all of this mean in terms of fat?

Just Eat IT! Try to balance carbohydrates fats and proteins. With one major caveat, and I will end with this to make sure it sticks with you. Eat healthy fats! How do you tell a healthy fat versus a non healthy fat. Well a quick cheat sheet would say, any nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, or oil derived not from animals. While there are exceptions and many arguments for the health of animal fats as well… for the scope of this story we’re just trying to get people to open up to the idea of a handful of Almonds each day to snack on.